Free This American Life Download

I’m going to accept the fact that I’m kind of a nerd and listen to NPR’s This American Life. Who doesn’t like some good talk radio now and then?!? (I can just imagine crickets)

Amazon is offering a free mp3 download of Christmas and Commerce, just in time for the holidays. I love Amazon downloads because they go right into iTunes!

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One Response to Free This American Life Download

  1. Amanda says:

    I got your letter today! And thought, thank goodness I got the letter I wrote replying to your last one in the post two days ago, otherwise I’d be expiring of guilt *grins*

    Took me an infinitely long time to reply but everything is fine over here, and I love the seaside stationery of your new letter, it’s so gorgeous! I want a holiday now. I’m undecided whether to reply to your latest and leave us with two threads of commentary winging their way across the ocean or just wait. I imagine it will come down to my mood over the weekend! Thank you so much, it made me unbelievably happy to have mail today, you have no idea.

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