Using Coupons for Christmas Presents

Since I’m a realist at heart I like to give and receive realistic gifts. With that being said my family is always surprised with my gift list each year: Swiffer dust clothes (generic ok), Annie’s fruit snacks, vitamins, AAA membership, etc. What 25 year old asks for vitamins?!? I figure my everyday items make nice gifts and save me money, plus those items are easy to buy. It’s taken my family a few years to agree, but my mom is right on board with my wish list.

Alright so to the real point of my post. I am a big fan of using coupons and deals for buying presents, especially stocking stuffers. Toothbrushes, chapstick, lotions, etc… are perfect stocking stuffers and can usually be free or close to free with coupons and sales. Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid offer great deals on toothbrushes every week or so. Use coupons on travel sized lotions to get items for free. I wanted to share this early so you have almost 2 months to start stocking up (no pun intended).

Another way to use coupons is for candy or treats. Everyone has something special they really like to eat or splurge on every once-in-awhile. Parents, do your kiddos love a certain kind of fruit snack or lunch item? Why not use coupons and buy a few boxes to put up for the holidays… When I was a kid I would have loved getting a few boxes of Gushers (pre sugar-free days of course) because Gushers were my favorite and my mom only bought them on rare occasions since they were more expensive.

Be creative and think outside the box. There are always coupons for candles, candy, snacks, personal items, even socks and t-shirts.

It’s a great way to save money and give gifts that will actually be used and enjoyed. I’ll be sharing coupons and gift ideas in a later post.

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