Confessions of a Sugar Eater

Alright so I’m having an issue with sugar lately. Last week I tumbled and what started as 1 little snack size pack of Twizzlers turned into 16 little snack size packs, I’m serious 16 packs. I always have a candy dish on my desk at work (a great way to waste a few minutes each day as people stop by to chat and eat a few pieces of candy). Typically I always have chocolate in the dish because I won’t eat chocolate and it’s not a threat. But after making Halloween treat bags for my coworkers and cousins I had a ton of licorice left over and decided to fill my bowl with it. HUGE mistake, I stared at the Twizzlers for hours and by 5pm Wednesday I had to sneak one and I did. Wow did I miss sugar, so much that I grabbed another one and it was gone. I decided to grab a handful and ran out the door to tutoring.

Fast forward 5 minutes, I was driving and looked on my passenger seat to see a massive pile of empty wrappers. I thought there was no way I just did that, so I counted the wrappers and there were 14, not good. So 14 in the car and 2 sneakily at my desk.

This was not the end of my sugar intake, Friday I ate my favorite hoagies and the bread definitely has sugar in it. Saturday, I ate 3 oatmeal cookies and a donut. While I was enjoying every bite of my apple cider donut I was disappointed and ashamed. No self control, no worries about my health. After my indulgences I decided to live and learn and make a better effort to cut out all sugar. I was doing such a good job, Halloween time is just not a sugar-free gal’s friend.

Anyone else struggling with dietary restrictions? It’s tough, share your trials or triumphs in the comment section!

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