Free Paper City and Paris Downloads

I love this free download! It’s super cute and makes me want to decorate my desk cube with all the buildings and people. Go here to print the city.

You can also go here to print free coloring sheets. I plan on using these for my pen pals and doing something creative with them. Coloring isn’t just for the kiddos 🙂

Thanks Money Saving Mom and Made by Joel!

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2 Responses to Free Paper City and Paris Downloads

  1. Amanda Hardy says:

    *grins* your pen pals can’t wait! Just been listening to the black keys, great recc.

    It’s ridiculously late (9pm, shut up, it’s late) so I’m about to go to sleep, just thought I’d drop by and say hi.

    I love this cut out, I’m going to get Richard to print it out for me at work. You might like a paper cutting blog, – it has some really beautiful free designs that you can use, I’ve lost hours admiring her work. If you search back a long long way you’ll find an utterly amazing Alice in Wonderland cut-out *grins* It’s in a book too. When I’m rich I shall buy it. Any day now.

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