Whole Foods: $20 Gift Card for $10

I am so excited about this deal. Ever since I went sugar-free I’ve been going to Whole Foods each week to pick up a few things that I cannot find during my routine grocery shopping. I never have coupons for the items I pick up so this is a perfect way to save money.

Living Social is offering a $20 gift card to Whole Foods for $10. Go here to buy you’re gift card and read about the promotion.

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3 Responses to Whole Foods: $20 Gift Card for $10

  1. Amanda Hardy says:

    What a beautiful site!
    I don’t think the coupons will work in Aus, but I am certainly looking forward to trying some of your recipes!

  2. Amanda Hardy says:

    lol, I feel bad saying it but pumpkin isn’t really my thing. I’ll give it a shot though, but first I’m going to cruise through the rest of your site and see if there’s something that jumps out at me *grins*

    Hopefully that will happen tonight! Odds are slim though, you wouldn’t believe what my partner did today. I picked him up from work and he said “By the way, my dad’s coming over this weekend”. His dad lives in New Zealand so he’ll be staying with us. So much frantic cleaning and making up of the guest bedroom to be done.

    After that though? Net cruising! Yay!

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