Sugar-Free Product Review: Glenny’s Cranberry and Almond Bars

When I first started to go sugar-free I was having a difficult time finding snack foods. Most processed foods that are sweet have some type of sugar in them. I found myself eating tons of fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I have a sweet tooth that really cannot be tamed and fruit wasn’t cutting it.

I was at Walmart and discovered Glenny’s Cranberry and Almond bars and instantly fell in love with them. They are naturally sweetened with honey and brown rice syrup. They are also dairy and gluten free!

I’ve tried some of the other kinds of Glenny’s fruit bars, but the cranberry and almond ones are my favorite!

They are priced around $4 for a box of 5, not inexpensive, but not too bad. I’ve been checking Amazon for sales and will share any if I see them marked at a lower price.

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