Saving Money by Cutting Out Cable

First let me start this post by stating I’m addicted to television. I love watching old tv shows like the Golden Girls, Roseanne, Family Guy, etc… but with all the free episodes of television shows online I have definitely considered getting rid of my cable to save money each month. In the end I have opted to keep my cable so I can watch Pens games, but I know several people that do not have cable and are very happy and saving money.

I wanted to share several sites that allow you to watch full episodes for free on your computer. So if you are on the fence about cutting your cable, check out these sites to see if you’ll still be able to watch your favorite shows. Keep in mind most shows are available the day after they air.

Hulu: I love Hulu. This site has tons of shows and clips from shows that views can watch.

Fox: Offers full episodes of Family Guy, Glee, House and many more.

USA: Offers full episodes of White Collar, Royal Pains, Burn Notice and several others (my parents are always watching these shows and have got me totally hooked!)

ABC: They don’t offer as many shows, but if you are a fan of The Bachelorette or Wipeout you’re set!

A&E: I have a confession… I love the show Billy the Exterminator (crazy animal shows get me every time) but they have a bunch of different shows including Billy the Exterminator, Intervention, and Storage Wars.

The History Channel: Also one of my favorite channels. Catch episodes of Top Gear, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers.

Nick: Even kids can get in on the frugal fun! Nick offers tons of full episodes!


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