Falling Off the Sugar-Free Wagon

Last week was a bad week for my sugar-free adventures. I already shared a post about eating Rita’s Italian Ice that in the end was not worth it. And you would think I’d learn my lesson… I think eating sugar only makes you crave more sugar.

On Friday I made a special trip to Wegman’s (my favorite place, and vacation destination this year) and I found some very yummy new snacks. I found some new varieties of fruit leather that have no sugar added and new coconut water juice boxes that only contained natural sugar. I also found some extremely tasty hummus chips that I fell in love with, but low and behold my hummus chips contained high fructose corn syrup. Unfortunately I discovered this after eating the entire bag while watching Legally Blonde Friday night.

In my excitement at the grocery store (organic snacks are my shoes or purse addiction) I was lax in checking labels and ended up buying things with sugar or a form of sugar in them. Because of my high sugar intake, I have had a lovely headache for the past 4 days, not ideal for my vacation.

So once again, this is meant to be an encouragement to all of those that are trying to be healthier or have a food intolerance that is difficult to adjust to. I am a big advocate of not depriving yourself, but at the same time eating Rita’s, chips, 12 lemon cookies (I forgot to mention that), and whatever else I consumed was a huge mistake.

Has anyone else fallen off the wagon lately? Or consumed 12 cookies for dessert???

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