Additional Ways to Make Money

I’m a pretty big advocate of saving money and at the end of the day I am usually pretty frugal, but there are also ways that I try to bring in a little extra cash each month so I can splurge on things like Pens tickets, eating out, or even small things like new songs for my iPod.

I want to share my experiences with selling clothes and accessories to resale locations like Plato’s Closet and Avalon Exchange.

Plato’s Closet: I usually try to sell clothing to Plato’s Closet 4-6 times a year and typically make about $20 each trip. They are very picky about what they buy and usually only buy items from the current season and clothes that can be worn during that time of the year. They are for the ‘younger’ crowd so keep that in mind when deciding which items to try to sell.

Avalon Exchange: I have only sold here twice and did not have as much luck selling clothing here. The first time I made $3 and the second time I made $12, both times they only bought accessories not clothing. Avalon Exchange caters to an older ‘young’ crowd and sells vintage clothes as well. I live within walking distance to an Avalon Exchange so it is worth it for me to try selling items there, but if it wasn’t on a typically route I take I would not try selling there again.

Things to Remember When Selling Clothing and Accessories:

1. Make sure all items are hole and stain free

2. Wash, iron, and steam all clothes

3. Only try selling clothes that you think have a chance to be sold (it can be more of a hassle to drag in 8 bags of clothing to only have a few items bought, you’ll learn what sells and what doesn’t after a few tries)

4. Be diligent, even if you only make an average of $10 each time, if you do that 5 times a year you’ll make an extra $50!

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