Sugar-Free Smoothie Recipe

When I decided to go sugar-free I made the decision to cut fake sugars out as well. This drastically cut my options for many treats including ice cream. I love ice cream, almost as much as I love cookies. In high school I use to sit with my best friend in the grocery store parking lot and eat Edys Deep Dish Apple Pie ice cream (I grew up in the sticks, we didn’t have much to do) and I would down an entire pint.

Well 10 years later I have replaced my ice cream cravings with smoothies and this recipe is so simple, yet so satisfying. I always use strawberries and mix it with a variety of other frozen fruit. It’s not super sweet, but remember it’s all natural and not meant to taste like pure sugar.

Strawberry and Mango Smoothies

1/2c. frozen strawberries

1/2c. frozen mango

3/4c. milk

Combine in blender and blend. I usually blend it twice to give it a smoother texture.

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