Meatless Mondays

My friend Lindsay first introduced me to Meatless Mondays a few weeks ago. I was definitely interested in the concept of a meatless day for many reasons. I decided to designate Mondays as a meatless day and I am very happy I did. Here are a few reasons I decided to enjoy a day free of meat.

1. Saves money: One way I always tell people to save money is by substituting a vegetarian meal for a meal with meat. Easy meals that are meatless are bean burritos, vegetable stir fry, and pasta with marinara sauce. You’ll never notice the difference because it is still a well rounded meal.

2. Health reasons: Anyone who knows me knows I am definitely a carnivore. But I also love fruits and veggies so devoting an entire day to more fruits and veggies is perfect. I also get to try new recipes and spend my Saturday mornings at the farmers market buying fresh produce.

3. Saves resources: From a green perspective going meatless one day a week saves a variety of resources from raising animals, butchering, transportation of meat, and energy preparing the meal. Opt for a salad and enjoy the fact that you are saving money, being healthy, and living green!

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